Owning and taking care of a puppy is always a huge responsibility. After all, this puppy is not just an object for you to own; it is a living and breathing creature that will become an integral member of your family. Also, the puppy will be living in your household for 10 years and more. To really take care of a dog and ensure that he lives out the best years of his life, there are a few things you have to consider.

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Before you buy a puppy, there are a few concerns you need to deal with. The first concern is your home. Is it conducive to the growth of a dog? Can you provide the care, guidance and love the puppy needs as both his master and surrogate parent? Are you able to provide training for the pup so that he becomes a well-mannered and sociable dog? These are but a few of the questions you need to answer before finding a puppy.

boxer playingAnother consideration is cost. Taking care of a puppy will be mildly costly as there are quite a lot of aspects to look at. As you welcome a new puppy to your home, you would also be welcoming various bill’s coming from the vet, costs for his kennel and bed and, most importantly, additional food costs. Make sure that you can handle the additional expenses all throughout the puppy’s life.

Finally, you will have to consider what kind of puppy for sale you want to have. Every dog breed has a very different temperament and value system, and those should match with yours. Are you fun and energetic? Then, you are best matched with athletic dogs like Labradors and German shepherds. Do you want a passive companion and guardian? Bulldogs and terriers will be ideal for you.

Acquiring the Puppy


When looking for a puppy, it is best to head for licensed breeders and puppy adoption organizations. These individuals will make sure that every puppy in their litter has been examined closely by a vet, underwent behavioral assessment, vaccinated, treated and groomed properly before they are sent to another home. This extensive screening and support will make sure that the little puppy is healthy, happy and ready to meet his new owners.

At Purebred Breeders, our focus is to bring together true dog lovers with quality breeders who produce well-adjusted, happy puppies. Because of this, we screen our breeders carefully and only accept about 15% of those who attempt to list with us. Besides carefully screening the breeders, we set requirements that each pup listed on our site must meet. For example:

● They must be dewormed
● They must be vaccinated
● Up-to-date vet check-ups are mandatory
● A detailed vet health evaluation report must be done close to a pup being purchased, and the pup must be awarded a clean bill of health.
● Each pup must come from a good gene pool (healthy parentage)


Training actually begins as soon as the puppy is introduced to his new home. Since training is part of his development, there are quite a lot of aspects you have to cover. The first, and one of the more important lessons, is toilet training. To make this lesson effective, bring the puppy to his designated comfort area before and after meals or whenever he initiates the “relieving” position (back arched and knees bent or one leg raised to the side). In time, the puppy will memorize where he can do his business best.

Behavioral ticks like chewing is natural to dogs. Never discourage this behavior as it might deprive the dog of the means to respond to emergencies. Instead, have him chew on the right things like his chew toys or his favorite blanket. If he is about to bite on something that is not his toy, have something in hand to distract him so his attempt will be thwarted.

Finally, take the puppy for walk for an hour or two every day. This will help him improve his leg muscles and prevent him from succumbing to lethargy in his old age. Plus, it helps him satisfy his need to explore, a trait passed down from his ancestors, which can curb any behavioral issue at home. Also, regular walks help the puppy improve on his socialization skills. In time, he will become a well-mannered and highly friendly dog.



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