In June 2014, Purebred Breeders donated a friendly Golden Retriever puppy named Denver to Made In Texas Assistance Dogs. Denver is in his early stages of training and currently living with his Puppy Raisers. He’s learning basic commands and potty training, but when he gets older he will grow up to be a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) service dog. Every month we receive a letter from Denver on his progress.


September 2014

Hi Everyone!Denver sept

My life as an in-training service dog continues to develop nicely! I’m as energetic as ever, and at 54 pounds and still only 5 months old, I can be a handful. My puppy raiser parents take me on excursions and we do cool things, and my daily routine typically includes taking walks, working out with my Mom on the StairMaster, and chasing squirrels in my big backyard.

I’ve learned more commands, like “leave it,” ‘take it,” and “watch me”. And I’ve almost got “load up,” “side,” and the idea of loose leash walking completely learned. My puppy raiser parents continue to challenge me with longer “stays” but it’s always worth it when I get rewarded.

I’ve started attending puppy training classes, and after 3 weeks I’m still easily distracted by the enormous amount of smells, sights and sounds at the training site. But my puppy raiser parents are patient and I continue to improve. Wanting to play with the cute 4-month-old Lab in my class doesn’t make training any easier.

denver sept 2I sometimes think my strongest asset is my ability to entertain my puppy raiser parents. Whether I’m being silly with my toys, sleeping on my back, or delivering birthday cards for their birthday, they seem to laugh and get a lot of joy out of me.

It’s 9:30 PM and almost time for bed, so I have to go. Talk to you next month.





Click to read Denver’s August update.

Photos courtesy of: Made In Texas Assistance Dogs

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