Ensuring dog’s health goes beyond the food you give and the medication you provide. A holistic approach must include a healthy environment suitable for your dog. Here are a few tips from Purebredbreeders.com for a healthier dog.

Tip 1: Dog Parks

dog park

While dogs spend most time at home, there should be a dog-friendly park where you can bring him. Finding one is not difficult especially when you use Animal Planet’s park finding tool.

Tip 2: Veterinarian


You can ensure the best health care for your dog when the vet clinic you consult and bring your dog to has been accredited by no other than the American Animal Hospital Association. Finding a vet is easy especially if you know other dog owners who have a trusted vet. The vet can suggest medication, grooming tips, health tips, and even suggest appropriate feeding techniques. Also, they are knowledgeable as to when your dog needs vaccination and other shots. You cannot escape bringing your pet to a vet so you must schedule check-ups regularly, not only when your dog is sick.

Tip 3: Heartworm


Saving your dog from parasites is a priority. There are heartworm preventatives your vet may suggest but you must choose one which a dog may consider a treat. The best thing you can do is to consult your vet about this as he may prescribe the brand suitable for the age and breed of your dog.

Tip 4: Kennel

dog kennel

A dog’s environment must be clean to avoid infections and risks of illnesses. Hence, you must start with his kennel. If the smell is not good, then it follows that the staff do not maintain the place the way it should be. If they don’t walk the dog every day, you must look for a kennel of good quality. Remember that your convenience is not the priority but the welfare of your dog.

Tip 5: Leash


A leash can be used to train your dog as well as to keep him under control. There many brands and types of leash but remember that your choice will affect your dog’s comfort. Most Dog Breeders choose one that is hypoallergenic and adjustable so that as your dog grows, the leash would still fit.

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