Fall is shedding time not just for trees but also for most dog breeds. Shedding of your pooch’s coat is a natural process that is bound to happen – more properly, a cycle in canine life. The temperature change that accompanies the season, as well as the shorter length of daytime, is responsible for the shedding of dogs. Being a natural process, however, does not necessarily mean that you are not going to do anything about it because you and your dog will surely be uncomfortable.

Dog grooming is the antidote to such expected discomfort that goes with Fall. Here are the do’s and don’ts of Fall grooming for your handy reference.

Fall Grooming Tips and Caveats

Jake Golden

• Bathe your dog in warm water to loosen hair and facilitate shedding, BUT brush and comb you dog before bathing to avoid clogged sewer;
• Use a shedding blade instead of brushing and combing dog hair to get rid of a lot of hair. A shedding blade pulls dog hair with a single stroke, it will shed anyway;
• If your dog is not tolerant of the shedding blade as most double= coated dogs are, use Zoom Groom combs;
• If you prefer your dog to shed without the use of shedding blades or stripping knife, use a bristle or latex/rubber curry brush and labor to brush your pooch daily;
• Make sure the length of the bristle brush and the teeth of the comb you use on your dog is adequate for the thickness and length of his coat;
• Clip your dog only with proper guidance from its breeder or a professional groomer;
• During shedding season, bathe your dog more frequently to dislodge dead hair and to prevent allergies;
• More dog hair shed after bathing by toweling your dog’s coat almost dry;
• Use canine shampoo since it is more effective during shedding in terms of formulation and pH value;
• Watch out for your dog’s additional discomforts such as allergies and itching;
• Observe for more frequent than usual scratching because this is a sign of dog allergy as dogs with allergy manifest it through skin irritation and itch;
• Practice foot soak for your dog regularly to get rid of allergens from the environment;
• Be ready with tick and flea powder or lotion when you detect parasites in your dog’s coat;
• Clean and inspect dog ears for itching, inflammation, foul smell or discharge;
• Use de-shedding solution during baths;
• Consider using dry shampoo or rinse-free shampoo to minimize bathing time which becomes more frequent during Fall;
• Hair allergies and itchiness are grooming concerns during Fall which can get a lot of boost in favor of your dog when you take him to a veterinarian.


Autumn boxer

• Do not pluck the tufts from your dog’s coat as majority of dogs are not tolerant of this practice against shedding;
• Do not clip your dog without using coolant or lubricant;
• Do not use shampoo with grain ingredients like oatmeal for dogs with seasonal allergy;
• During the Fall season, since your dog’s coat is shedding, don’t use dirt as the main indicator that it’s bathing time;
• Avoid human shampoo at least during this shedding season;
• Do not forget cleaning and clipping your dogs claws especially during shedding time to minimize wounds and lesions when they itch and scratch.

Low-Maintenance Pooches

hot chilli pepper

If you are heavily challenged from the Fall grooming requirements for a lot of dogs, you must be dreaming of owning a dog which necessitates less time-consuming and easier grooming during Fall. Well, there are actually some breeds which you might want to keep and worry less because they are typically the so-called easy-going “wash-and-wear” dogs even during the Fall. These are:

• Basenji,
• Chinese Crested,
• Dalmatian,
• Doberman Pinscher,
• Great Dane,
• Mastif,
• Pharaoh hound,
• Pointer,
• Rhodesian ridgeback

Surviving the shedding season is primarily a matter of grooming. However, pooches should be made used to this Fall routine as early as possible. Regardless of the breed and your geographic location, owners who commit to proper dog grooming represented in the above tips readily get the hang of shedding and Fall grooming.

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