In June 2014, Purebred Breeders donated a friendly Golden Retriever puppy named Denver to Made In Texas Assistance Dogs. Denver is in his early stages of training and currently living with his Puppy Raisers. He’s learning basic commands and potty training, but when he gets older he will grow up to be a mobility assistance service dog. Every month we receive a letter from Denver on his progress.

October 2014

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already October and my first Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’m now six months old and weigh 65 pounds. My puppy raisers keep me active, so I’m not overweight- just a big dog!

Denver OctI’m really proud and happy that I graduated from puppy class at Petsmart. I learned a lot and had a great teacher, and it also allowed me to practice commands in a very challenging environment.

I also passed my service jacket test a few weeks ago! I had to demonstrate that I’m able to reliably do things like sit, lay down, walk nicely on the leash, and not get distracted by all the people in the stores. I’ve worked really hard and now I can visit a lot of great places!

I’ve been going on lots of outings to help with my socialization. Each one is a little different and challenges me in different ways. I’ve been to Home Depot, Walmart, Target, the grocery store, and even out to the airport to pick up my puppy raiser Dad! I really enjoy the outings for the first 30 minutes or so, but sometimes lose focus after that. I’ll continue to improve over time.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I’ll talk to you again after Thanksgiving – I’ve heard there’s lots of really yummy food at this holiday, so I’ll let you know if I’m able to have a special dinner of my own!

DenverDenver Oct 2 a


Keep Up With Denver – CLICK to read his past letters





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