Cooper City, FL. December 1, 2014:

Purebred Breeders employee, Carolynn Castillo loves shoes. Not the latest shoe trends, or a great buy-one-get-one shoe deal; but instead peoples used shoes.

This November, Castillo organized a shoe drive at Purebred Breeders to benefit Miami Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter that has over 200 residents.

shoe drive 3The original goal was to have a minimum of 50 pairs of donated shoes. For each pair given, Purebred Breeders would contribute $5 to a cash donation. In less than 3 weeks, 84 shoes were donated from employees.

“I couldn’t believe how many shoes we got! It says a lot about Purebred Breeders and the people that work here,” said Castillo, Breeder Recruiter.

On Thanksgiving Day, Castillo and her family delivered the shoes, along with a $420 donation.

The purpose of the shoe drive was to encourage men, women and families living on the streets to join their program to help rehabilitate their life.

shoe drive

During the drive, each person was given 5 articles of clothing and a pair of shoes.

“They all have a story,” said Castillo. “Becoming homeless can happen to anyone”

Castillo has organized many shoe drives in the past with her family. In one year, she collected over 300 pairs of shoes.

“You see how blessed you are and it keeps everything in perspective. I couldn’t imagine my life without doing this.”

If you would like to donate or volunteer, you can go to

shoe drive 2

Photos Courtesy of Carolynn Castillo.

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