In June 2014, Purebred Breeders donated a friendly Golden Retriever puppy named Denver to Made In Texas Assistance Dogs. Denver is in his early stages of training and currently living with his Puppy Raisers. He’s learning basic commands and potty training, but when he gets older he will grow up to be a mobility assistance service dog. Every month we receive a letter from Denver on his progress.

November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’m so excited about the winter holidays, but it gets dark so early at this time of year that it’s hard to make it to the doggie park after my puppy Dad gets off work. Speaking of holidays, I had a blast with the human holiday called Thanksgiving. My trainers and their families ate a ton of food while I had to be good and lay beside the table and not sneak any goodies of my own. But, after the humans were done, my dog friends and I got a special turkey dinner of our own, so it made the whole wait worth it!

Denver NovemberMy puppy raisers still take me on outings in public as much as possible, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable when we go to the dog park. I do better when I play with one or two dogs, but when there are a lot of dogs around, I tend to not have as much fun.

I’ve been out to the airport for the second time, and got to ride on an elevator a few weeks ago while at a mall outing. I wasn’t scared at all and thought it was pretty neat.

I’ve been away from my puppy parents a couple of times this month because they were traveling. I got to visit with some other friends that I really like, and got to play with their dogs. Lots of fun, lots of play with some training mixed in. But training is so much fun when I’m with my friends that it feels like play too!

I have a couple really funny habits. One of them is my uncanny ability to always find a pillow to lie on. See the picture below? I can find pillows no matter where they are!

Denver November 3

Another funny thing I do is I like to play until I run out of energy. I even fall asleep with my toy still in my mouth. I’m a 70 pound puppy hard at work!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Denver November 2

Keep Up With Denver – CLICK to read his past letters.





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