Gretal testimonalMeet Ella!

 “Gretal has officially become a member of our family and it’s like she was always meant to be. We renamed her Ella. She is absolutely precious and a perfect addition to our family. She and Belle have become fast friends–inseparable pals, playing and loving each other. It’s pure joy.”

Pigg family

 Welcome home, Brutus! english esway

“We are in love with our new pup. He is everything my husband ever dreamed of. You probably know this already, but the Marine Corps Mascot is an English Bulldog and most Marines I know cherish these dogs and daydream of owning one someday. I purchased Rover (now re-named Brutus) on a Monday, and had him in my arms on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for everything!”

– Esway family


Yappy 2nd birthday Bogart!bogart - joyce kunze

“Bogart you are such a joy in our lives! We are so happy to call you our son!”

– Kunze family

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