Purebred Breeders is dedicated to helping families find healthy, happy puppies from reputable breeders. On rare occasions when a family can no longer take care of the puppy, we encourage our customers to surrender the dog back to the breeder or to us instead of placing it in a shelter.

Adopting a puppy comes with a lot of responsibility, and in some cases families underestimate the cost and work needed to train and socialize a dog.

The Purebred Breeders Re-homing Program was created to encourage responsible ownership and lessen the amount of dogs being brought into a shelter. At the end of the day, our main priority is to find a loving home for all our breeders puppies.

If the puppy is placed under our care for re-homing, our employees are given the opportunity to adopt the puppy. In return we ask the employee to make a $400 donation to a non-profit organization that is a committed to changing the lives of animals.

In our recent re-homing donation, we wanted to recognize Dogs On The Move (DOTM), an organization that transports rescue animals from high kill shelters in South Florida and brings them safely to no kill shelters throughout the United States where they will be re-homed.

“We are proud to say that we have rescued over 3,700 dogs since the program’s inception in late 2001 and will continue to do so with great support from our fans and friends,” said Dogs On The Move.

“Thank you so much and please spread the word about our organization. The more people that know and help, the more dogs we can get to safe harbor.”

To learn more about Dogs On The Move, please visit: www.dogsonthemove.org

Meet Mick Jagger, our recent re-homed puppy and his forever family.

mick jagger - kitty 3mick jagger - kittymick jagger - kitty 2

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