In June 2014, Purebred Breeders donated a friendly Golden Retriever puppy named Denver to Made In Texas Assistance Dogs. Denver is in his early stages of training and currently living with his Puppy Raisers. He’s learning basic commands and potty training, but when he gets older he will grow up to be a mobility assistance service dog. Every month we receive a letter from Denver on his progress.

May 2015

Hello Everyone!

The rain that started last month has continued, making it hard for me to play outside. The times I do go out makes it tough on my puppy raisers because I tend to come in pretty dirty. I’m really good about following directions when I come in, and wait on the door rug while they clean me up, so that eases the mess a little. denver may 1

My puppy raisers continue to socialize me in new ways. I join them on the weekends for breakfast outings. Sometimes it’s just a drive-thru, but I still say hello through the backseat window to anyone who greets me.

One of the big things I’ve been able to work on is my behavior when we have visitors. I’m learning to control my excitement and not jump or bother any visitors until I’m told it’s ok to say hello. I have a long way to go, but I’ve shown improvement and just need more experience.

denver may 2As much as I love my puppy raisers, it will soon be time for me to move on to my next training phase with someone new. I know it will be a difficult transition, but I think I’m getting to be a pretty good service dog and will continue to make everyone proud of my progress!

My next update will be with my new trainers! Until then…




Keep Up With Denver – CLICK to read his past letters.












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