Fall is shedding time not just for trees but also for most dog breeds. Shedding of your pooch’s coat is a natural process that is bound to happen – more properly, a cycle in canine life. The temperature change that accompanies the season, as well as the shorter length of daytime, is responsible for the […]

If you haven’t already heard, there have been some claims that people were victims of a Purebred Breeders rip off. These allegations have been proven to be wholly and completely untrue. There was nothing in those accusations that held a modicum of truth, and at worst it was due to some form of misunderstanding. Above […]

Why would anyone want to pay more for a purebred puppy? That question is asked quite a bit, and the answer is very simple: quality. When you get a purebred puppy, specifically from a licensed and reputable breeder, you are getting a puppy whose traits and temperament can be predicted more accurately. If you do […]

Where do you go when you are looking for a puppy to add to your family? Where can you go that you are guaranteed to find a healthy and well bred puppy that will fit perfectly into your household? Though the possibilities may seem endless, your one and only choice would be to go to […]

Purebredbreeders.com is a site that boasts on selling quality puppies to its customers. Recently, however, it has come under fire from customers that claim that the company gets their puppies from puppy mills. They say that the puppies they received from the company came with health issues and must not have come from the reputable […]

A company is only as strong as the support and business it receives from its customers. Any business that wants to flourish must keep in mind what the customers want and need, and then cater to them in such a way that everything is met. Purebredbreeders.com has exemplified this business practice, creating policies and standards […]

There is very few things a company can do to earn the trust of their customers. They can make promises, give out deals, explain certain policies that appear to give every advantage to the customers; yet they must be able to back up the things they claim. Purebredbreeders.com is no exception to this rule; they […]

When you want the truth about a company, you look to what the customers have to say. Advertisements may bend the truth, and articles can be slanted to give the company a better image, but only customers can give you the unadulterated truth about that company. Purebredbreeders.com testimonials will give you exactly what you are […]

Many of those who visit Purebred Breeders, have one question in mind: is there an exercise routine that would keep any pooch in tiptop shape? Well, the answer to such a query is definitely no. If you are among such individuals, you should keep in mind that the physical activity requirements of your canine companion […]

So you have decided that you need a puppy in your life. Either you feel like you want a companion to fill your empty home, your children have been begging you for one and you have finally relented, or you just always wanted a dog but never had the opportunity. Whatever the case, you have […]

Now that you’ve found your new purebred puppy from PurebredBreeders.com, it is time to take him home. You should take time, however, to puppy-proof your home first to ensure the safety of your new puppy. We hope the following tips will be helpful in puppy proofing your home. If you have any other questions, please […]

Purebredbreeders.com knows that you love your four-legged friends and want the very best for him or her- a shiny coat, good doggy breath, no plaque build-up, short nails, clean ears and good manners. But, did you know that you truly might have a Dog Show Star on your hands? In a nutshell, dog shows will […]

When you bring your puppy home, you’ll get all the hair that comes with him.  Eventually, he’ll shed. Then you’ll be forced to fend off  hair balls.  Rest assured that  simple tools and shampoos can help you free your house and car of unwanted hair. Unfortunately, most dogs shed frequently.  Your puppy will experience four […]