Everyone I dealt with was amazing! I loved how they genuinely cared about giving me the best puppy selection process possible. Thank you so much for everything…we love our new baby! I recently bought Bohemian, now named Judah and couldn’t be happier. My husband drove and Judah laid on my lap the whole time. He […]

Louie is the most wonderful and fun little guy and brings so much joy to my life! He got an A+ at the vets and never even flinched. I’m afraid he is getting a bit spoiled and we haven’t gotten the potty thing right but we are working on it. Any helpful hints? I can’t […]

We are extremely pleased with our new puppy.  The whole experience was easy and handled very professionally.  We did not feel pressured to make a decision and our wants and needs were met.  We would not hesitate to adopt another puppy through Purebred Breeders.  Our new baby is adorable and exactly what we wanted. – […]

I brough home my new fur baby Logan, now named Trouble. He is a happy, healthy, adorable Havanese puppy and we couldn’t be happier together! He checked out great with my vet and he is adapting fantastically! – Lisa, Wilmington, NC I have used Purebred Breeders twice now and will continue to come back as […]

Everything went smooth and I am loving my puppy! Purebred Breeders is trustworthy and did a great job deliverying my puppy to me safely! – Joni, Plainwell, MI Our puppy is of the highest quality and that was the most important thing for us. My vet was impressed with your paperwork. This is our 3rd […]

“We had a great experience with Purebred Breeders.  At first we weren’t sure we wanted to do an adoption online – but with the active telephone communications, combined with informative emails… we felt very happy with the process.  I would certainly recommend to friends when in search of their next love!”  Chas Miller – Newport, […]

“Our puppy is beautiful and healthy with a great personality – love the breed and will purchase another in the future.” – Mary, Clinton, NY “I would not be lying if I said I was not nervous, I had never ordered a puppy online, let alone have him travel by plane to just get to […]

We love being able to share the wonderful, heartfelt comments we receive from our customers. Our goal is to always make the perfect connection between the family and puppy. Comments like these help ensure we are successful! I looked for a puppy for about two months before I actually placed my initial phone call.  From […]

Purebred Breeders holds themselves and the breeders in their network to a very high set of standards. The survey program was started over two years ago to ensure each families expectations were being met on all levels. Each customer receives the survey a few weeks after their puppy has arrived to give the family and […]

It is really hard to find a place that can assure you the quality and help that you need towards buying an animal, and i think purebred breeders have what it takes !. The employees were super helpful and always kept me on track until the day I received the puppy. They do care about […]

    Leyda Hernandez                                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Coordinator leyda@purebredbreeders.com   NEW PARTERNSHIP BRINGS MORE EDUCATION AND TRAINING TOOLS TO PUREBRED BREEDERS’ CUSTOMERS   Cooper City, FL — Purebred Breeders and PetKey, a family of pet services, have established a partnership to bring new Purebred Breeders customers across the […]

If you haven’t already heard, there have been some claims that people were victims of a Purebred Breeders rip off. These allegations have been proven to be wholly and completely untrue. There was nothing in those accusations that held a modicum of truth, and at worst it was due to some form of misunderstanding. Above […]

If you are searching for a purebred puppy, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to make sure that you find the right breeder that follows the federal laws and guidelines that governs breeding practices. Then you have to pick the right puppy from the litter, and […]

A company is only as strong as the support and business it receives from its customers. Any business that wants to flourish must keep in mind what the customers want and need, and then cater to them in such a way that everything is met. Purebredbreeders.com has exemplified this business practice, creating policies and standards […]

When you want the truth about a company, you look to what the customers have to say. Advertisements may bend the truth, and articles can be slanted to give the company a better image, but only customers can give you the unadulterated truth about that company. Purebredbreeders.com testimonials will give you exactly what you are […]

So you have decided that you need a puppy in your life. Either you feel like you want a companion to fill your empty home, your children have been begging you for one and you have finally relented, or you just always wanted a dog but never had the opportunity. Whatever the case, you have […]

Purebredbreeders.com offers one of the most innovative and interactive means of finding the puppy of your dreams. With cutting edge policies and a wonderful staff ready and willing to assist you, finding your newest family member has never been easier. Not only do they offer top quality puppies that are in the best of health, […]

In today’s fast paced society, working professionals need dogs that will keep up with the speed of their lifestyle – whether it is late nights at the office or fitting a lot of work, exercise and play into an already full schedule. Purebred Breeders Reviews has listed below the top 5 best large breed dogs for […]

It seems that animal owners everywhere are beginning to see signs that the law is on their side when it comes to getting justice for their pets. A court in Colorado just recently awarded a dog owner over $60,000 for the loss of her dog, and the New York senate has passed a bill for […]

Purebred Breeders has decided to speak on the issue of having unwanted dogs/puppies because as undesirable as the topic is, this a reality for some. The fact is, some people end up with dogs by one means or another, but are not prepared for a long term commitment to a canine friend. Others choose not […]

As dog lovers we often strive to do as much as we can for our canine friends, but did you know that they earn their place as well? This is not just for working dogs. In fact, in retrospect Purebredbreeders.com now believes all dogs are working dogs to a large degree. This will become more […]

It’s something that Purebred Breeders Reviews sees often; an owner petting a dog as it lays or sits in his or her lap. While this is fine, add “while driving” to the end of that sentence and everything changes. As much as we adore dogs and love to see them get the attention they deserve, […]

Some people make the decision not to neuter their dogs because they have a problem with the invasive nature of the operation, fear of the complications, or a problem with removing a part of their dog’s body. If you are one of those persons, then Purebred Breeders reviews is happy to announce that a different […]